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We Can Accept Visa Card and Master Card、Western Union、Money Gram And BitCoin Now.
If your payment is declined by credit card, Please call your bank and tell them to unblock your deal. The maximum amount is $600. If your amount is over $600, we suggest you pay for it separately Or Pay For . Pay by VISA Card or Master Card is easy and safe to make an online purchase. Here are some general reasons for your payment failed.

Payment Details:
1. Issuing bank does not support online shopping
2. Your card balance is not enough
3. You did not fill out payment information correctly
4. You have an adverse payment records which did not pass the VISA Card & Master Card filtration system (non-payment, document deception etc.)
Once your payment is fail or you do double payment and we will contact you in time

how to solve the payment problem?
1) The best solution is change another cards to pay again;
2) Choose Bitcoin Payment and suggest you e-mail to tell us;
3) Western Union & Money Gram pays in and e-mail to tell us;
4) Contact us in e-mail and we tell you how to solve the payment problem.

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